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Our wide range of course programmes has been developed to satisfy the needs of particular types of learner according to age, course duration and educational requirements.

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Each course is designed to provide the ideal combination of trained teachers, carefully designed syllabuses and up to date materials and methodology, in friendly schools equipped with all the necessary modern educational facilities.

All Schools have attractive, modern classrooms which provide the ideal setting for effective teaching and learning. Most students will use language labarotories, listening centres, libraries, computer rooms and video equipment as appropriate to their particular courses.

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Class sizes are strictly controlled - varying normally between 8 and 16 students - so that all students have the maximum opportunity to contribute by interacting with each other and the teacher.

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School.jpg (7620 bytes) All the courses are at a range of levels, normally from beginners to advanced. All students are tested on arrival to make sure they are put into classes with students of similar ability. Torbay.jpg (7282 bytes)
Beach.jpg (5557 bytes) During their course, students will make progress to more advanced levels, depending on how long they stay at the school. Florida.jpg (7226 bytes)


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